Mining Machines

Design and manufacturing of mining equipment has the longest tradition in our company, giving us a wealth of experience in developing this type of specialist equipment. This is the reason why Ostroj a.s. is the largest manufacturer of mining machinery for deep seam mining in the Czech Republic.

 We are able to provide turn-key solutions and a full range of equipment with technical support for coal extraction, including longwall mining operations.

 Our equipment includes powered roof supports, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, coal plow systems, steep/vertical seam shearers, and associated equipment such as individual hydraulic supports, hydraulic props and cylinders, and other components for hydraulic systems. The machines are designed to work in the harshest operational conditions and are equipped with the necessary safety and monitoring equipment to ensure both the crew and the machine itself are fully protected at the coalface. The equipment depending on design, can be used in coal seams from 0.6 m up to 6.0 metres and at seam dip angles up to 110°.

 Our company places great emphasis on constantly improving existing systems and developing new equipment. Our experienced team of designers in the Mining Machinery Division are able to meet the needs of even the most exacting customers.

 Ostroj a.s is a growing company with equipment now operating on 4 continents. Recent successes in 2012 have included the delivery of two complete longwall systems (comprising powered roof supports, chain conveyors, shearer, electric equipment and a hydraulic pump unit) to Kemerovo region Russia and to Mexico, low seam shields to Ukraine, and hundreds of powered roof supports and several chain conveyors to Vorkuta in Russia.

In 2013 a steep seam longwall system is operating in Turkey designed to work on the inclined face from 40 degrees and up to 110 degrees, and 250 roof supports in Vorkuta in Russia.

Ostroj a.s. regularly presents its products at global industry events and exhibitions. In 2012 we exhibited our products at Mining Week 2012 (Karaganda, Kazakhstan), Ugol Rossii & Mining 2012 (Novokuznetsk, Russia), Ugol & Mining 2012 (Donetsk, Russia) and MINExpo 2012 (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA). Mining Turkey 2014  Istanbul (Turkey) , Mining Week 2015  Karaganda (Kazakhstan) and International Fair of Mining, Power Industry and Metallurgy „Katowice 2015“ (Poland).

We specialise in the delivery of mining machinery and equipment primarily to the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Spain, Columbia, Mexico and the Czech Republic. We also have smaller quantities of equipment operating in the USA and Australia.

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