Powered Roof Supports

Powered roof supports are among our company’s most important products. OSTROJ a.s. has many years of experience producing these supports, having begun to develop and manufacture them in 1963. Throughout its existence, the company has produced thousands of these supports, which have transformed the Czech mining industry, facilitated higher production volumes and led to safer working conditions.

Our powered roof supports are specially designed for specific mining conditions and tailored directly to the requirements of the customer.

Powered roof supports are used to provide protection for the coalface area when mining in seams of low, medium or high thickness and they provide the support for the roof above the operating area of the coalface.

When designing our powered roof supports, our main focus is on the safety of the operating personnel and the complex mining and geological conditions at the site. Strong emphasis is placed on work in continuous shift systems.

Powered roof supports are also manufactured for seams that are prone to rock bursts. For this purpose, the roof supports are equipped with Ostroj-designed IMPACT valves designed for a flow of over 7,000 l/min.

Powered roof supports are offered with widths of up to 2 m and with hydraulic props (legs) of diameter up to 400 mm; this ensures that the load-bearing capacity of the shield is up to 1,150 tons. A support unit consists of a base, hydraulic props, a canopy, a goaf shield, lemniscate links, an advancing system and an electro-hydraulic control system.

The roof supports are designed as modular systems for both the plow and shearer longwall systems. They can be equipped with various additional features for dust suppression, base shifting cylinders, dual flipper units and walkways in front or behind the legs.

Another area that Ostroj a.s. can offer customer support is with Powered Roof Supports with Shearer Operations in inclined or steeply dipping seams.

Supports designed by Ostroj a.s. can also be used in steeply inclined seams over 40 degrees and up to 110 deg. without an AFC such as with our new installation in Turkey or with an AFC for seams inclined at less than 40 deg., where in such circumstances, the AFC may need anchoring stations at the top and bottom of the face to operate effectively.

These operations may use stowing systems to stabilise the goaf in certain circumstances, depending on the mine requirements.

All our supports undergo a stringent testing process in a certified testing laboratory which simulates mine conditions. This enables verification of product safety and lifespan even for operations under extreme load conditions.

We offer a full package of customer services, including consulting and training, assistance by our experts during the commissioning of the operation, prompt service, and mid-term or general overhauls of the technologies.

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