Prime Minister visited OSTROJ a.s.

Created: 19. 05. 2014 Left: J. Sirny, service of CNC machine, Department of Hydraulics, Prime Minister B. Sobotka, Minister of Foreign Affairs M. Zaoralek and authorized director V. Trochta in the premises of the company OSTROJ a.s.

On Friday, May 9, the Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, accompanied by Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek and the Moravian-Silesian region Hetman Miroslav Novak, visited Moravian-Silesian region.

First stop was OSTROJ a.s.. During a tour of the production department, the prime minister was interested in new trends not only in the production of mining equipment, but also in the company's business strategy. In the final discussion with the management, the Prime Minister stressed, in particular, the need for effective cooperation with Opava Technical College.

OSTROJ a.s. has recently become better known thanks to success in business and in the social sphere. Also worth mentioning is the award obtained by OSTROJ a.s. for Exporter of the Year in the category of the largest annual increase, the Award of the Hetman for the Moravian-Silesian region for Social Responsibility and the Prize of human resources managers for the best HR project of the year.

The fact that OSTROJ is really successful and is one of the main export companies is also confirmed by the words of the Head of the human resources department Dagmar Stloukalova: "Thanks to the export activities to countries such as Mexico and Turkey, the company registered a record profit in 2013. OSTROJ a.s. and has for a long time been one of the most stable and promising companies and therefore a strong employer in the region."

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