OSTROJ a.s. took first place for social responsibility

Created: 11. 04. 2014

Hetman Miroslav Novak praised OSTROJ a.s. for adopting and implementing ideas for social responsibility in the social, economic and environmental areas.

OSTROJ a.s. won first place in the competition for the Moravian-Silesian Region Hetman Award for Social Responsibility in the category of large companies with more than 250 employees and withstood strong competition from the other 31 participating companies who entered the competition from across the region.

The competition, held since 2008, allows businesses, public sector organizations and municipalities that operate in the region to enter. The evaluation committee considered a number of competitors using social, environmental and economic indicators.

"We really appreciate this award. It is proof that we are a responsible business for the region, its people and our own employees", said CEO Dalibor Kuncicky who received an honorable mention from the Moravia-Silesia Region Hetman, Miroslav Novak, on April 10, 2014 at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Ostrava.

"We do not perceive social responsibility as a formality. It is a challenge that makes us look for ways to improve the quality of life within the company and beyond. We achieve this goal through honesty, dedication and the diligent work of the company employees, said Mr Kuncicky ‘praising the work of the OSTROJ employees’.

Additional information about the Hetman's Award;cenu-hejtmana-kraje-za-spolecenskou-odpovednost-ldquo;-soutezilo-rekordnich-sedesat-uchazecu-37982/-37981

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