MAG 135 Welding

The principle of the MAG welding method is the same as in MIG welding. However, it is the active gas argon which is used as the shielding gas; argon reacts with the welding bath. The MAG method is used to weld low alloy, alloy and high alloy steel (stainless steel).

We use the MAG 135 method for manual welding as well as at the semi-automated workplace (see Hydraulics Division) and the fully-automated robotized workplace. It is a high effective and widely used welding method due to its ease of use, easier cleaning of welds (compared to manual arc welding), and excellent quality of welded joints. 

A wide variety of materials are welded by the MAG 135 method. There is also the option to have a required material quality “baked”. In MAG 135 welding we use inert gases – argon and mixed helium. We also use active mixed argon + CO2 gas (ratio: 82:18) marked as M21 and mixed gases of different ratios depending on the material characteristics. 

Besides MAG welding, our services include:

Top quality of weldments is guaranteed by the use of sophisticated checking procedures. We apply visual, magnetic, ultrasound and dimensional methods to check the quality of weldments according to ČSN EN ISO 5817-B and 5817-C standards.


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