Machining of weldments

The Machining Shop has a very flexible team. Each employee has a solid knowledge of several areas and types of machining. Together with programmers and qualified technologists, we work as a single unit, forming a reliable team which can guarantee the production of top-quality workpieces.

Modern technologies enable us to machine highly complex tailor-made workpieces. Our machinery allows us to machine difficult workpieces with variable parameters according to the machining tool type.

The Machining Shop has six standard horizontal WD 160, WH 130 and WH 100 boring machines. We also use three WHQ 130 and WHN 105 CNC horizontal boring machines with a control system enabling us to produce 3D shapes. The Engineering and Assembly Shop is also equipped with lathes, a vertical boring and turning machine, and an FC63 hobbing machine for producing involute gearing. Other key equipment at the Engineering and Assembly Shop includes a HD1250 planing machine, a 400 t straightening press and a CNC press brake (length of tool:  4 m, power: 400 t).

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