Hot-dip Galvanising

Hot-dip galvanising is carried out on two computer-controlled hot-dip lines with a total daily capacity of 1,200 sq. m of plated surface.

  • alkaline galvanising bath
  • standard thickness of zinc coating 8-12 microns (or as requested by customer)
  • maximum size of galvanised component: 2,000 x 1,500 x 400 mm (length, height, width)
  • maximum weight of galvanised component: 350 kg
  • blue, hexavalent-chromium-free passivation – ‘blue zinc’
  • yellow chromate containing hexavalent chromium – ‘yellow zinc’
  • thick-film hexavalent-chromium-free passivation (used as a substitute for yellow chromate)
  • anticorrosion resistance of all of the above surface finishing methods may be increased by combining them with a final application of transparent sealing coat
  • prices for hot-dip galvanising quoted in CZK per piece
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