Fleet of machines (production technologies)

We keep pace with the latest industry developments by using state-of-the-art modern technologies and manufacturing processes to manufacture hydraulic equipment.

Machines and technologies used in production:

  • CNC turning machines
  • CNC machining centres with five axes
  • horizontal and vertical CNC machining centres
  • TBT deep hole drilling CNC machine
  • BTA  drilling and roller burnishing of holes
  • hobbing machines
  • grinding machines

We follow the following proven manufacturing procedures:

  • CNC machining using machining centres
  • turning using CNC machines
  • grinding of rotating parts and surfaces
  • superfinishing of external diameters
  • BTA drilling and roller burnishing of holes
  • honing
  • deep hole drilling using horizontal TBT drilling machines
  • gas metal arc welding including rotating welding with pulse sources
  • stainless steel and bronze surfacing
  • assembly, pressure tests, non-destructive tests of inside welds by ultrasound and magnetic testing
  • 3D measurements
  • surface treatment - painting

 Hydraulics Division manufacturing technology parameters:

CTX Gamma 2000 TC turning and milling centre - CTX Gamma 2000 TC

Machining of shaft-type parts

Max turning diameter: 175 mm

Max turning length: 1,550 mm

Max workpiece weight: 1,000 kg

Turning on CTX 620 CNC lathes - shafts and  anges CTX 620

Max turning diameter: 470 mm

Turning length: 2,000 mm

Max workpiece weight: 3,000 kg

DMF 220 linear CNC vertical machining centres DMF220linearCNC

Table working surface: 2,600 x 600 mm

Max travel distance in xyz axes: 2,200  560  720 mm

Max workpiece weight: 2,200 kg

DOOSAN PUMA 600M/LM CNC turning centre DOOSAN PUMA 600M/LM

Max turning diameter above support: 800 mm

Max turning diameter above bed: 530 mm (900 mm)

Max chuck turning length: 3,200 mm

Max admissible weight without using poppet head: 900 kg

Max admissible weight using poppet head: 5,500 kg

Turning using stay possible -  min / max: 215  /  520 mm

Deep hole drilling using horizontal TBT drilling machines  TBT

Range: 3 to 35 mm

Max length: 2,000 mm

In the case of through holes, these lengths double.

Drilling and roller burnishing of holes using BTA method   BTA

Range: 50 to 400 mm

Max length: 3,000 mm

Rotating stainless steel and bronze surfacing in shielding argon atmosphere

Max piece diameter: 600 mm

Max piece length: 2,300 mm

Max piece weight: 400  kg

HERMLE C 40 U dynamic - five-axis CNC machining centre HERMLE C 40 U dynamic

Max travel distance of x/y/z axes: 850/700/500 mm

Turning speed: 18,000 rpm

- Turning using SPU 40 CNC lathes - shafts and flanges

(Max turning diameter:  400 mm, turning length:  2,500 mm )

- Honing of holes ( Æ 40 - 260 mm, max hole length:  2000 mm )           

- Production of external and helical gears 

(Min/max  module:    1  /  10  (12) mm, max gear width:  400 mm)

- Production of internal gears     

(Min/max  module:   1 /   6 (8)  mm, max external diameter of piece:  800  mm )

- Production of Eloid spiral gears (OERLIKON)

(Min/max  module, normal:    2.5  /   11  mm, max gear diameter at tooth angle of 30°:  540 mm)             

- Gear grinding

(Min/max module:   2.5   /  10  mm,  max head diameter: 620 mm)

- Dynamic balancing (AM 1000 W)

(Min/max weight of balanced item:   10  / 1000 kg , max diameter of balanced item:  1,500 mm)                                                                                   

- 1060 CNC vertical machining centres

- CNC milling and drilling machines

- Superfinishing of external rotating surfaces using LÖSER machine

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