Education and Professional Development

Education and Professional Training

 1. Induction and adaptation training for newly employed staff

 Newly recruited staff joining the company participate in induction and adaptation training in order to become effectively involved in the life and processes of the company.

For technical professions, the purpose of this adaptation process is to acquaint employees with their general duties and the work involved in their specific position.

For manual professions, the purpose of the adaptation process is to train the employee, both theoretically and practically, for work at a specific workplace (using specific equipment or machinery).

 2. Professional training AND EDUCATION in Ostroj a.s.

 OSTROJ a.s. invests considerable funds in the development and training of its employees every year. Training falls into the following categories:

  • statutory (crane operators, binders, professional drivers, welders - examination for several welding methods)
  • quality (destructive and non-destructive testing, metrology, ISO, etc.)
  •  specialist (soft skills; seminars, conferences; specialist training for Sales, General & Administrative staff and manual professions, etc.)
  •   language skills (English, German, Russian, Spanish, etc.)


 OSTROJ, in cooperation with the European Fund for Regional Development and the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, has built its own training centre to provide technical support for employee development and training in the company. Training held at the new centre ranges from soft skills courses (presentation skills, communication etc.) to hard skills courses (professional drivers’ training, occupational health and safety training etc.) and language tuition. 

The training centre is furnished with modern equipment and has a capacity of 56 seats.


OSTROJ has developed long-term cooperation with local Job Centres and institutions offering retraining courses. It possible to hold the practical part of a retraining course on the manufacturing premises of our company. Among the most frequently organised retraining courses are those for CNC machine operators. After successful completion of a retraining course, the retrainee may receive a job offer (if a vacancy is open).


Educate yourself’ Project

Educate yourself for growth!’ Project

Grant Project EDUCA II – ‘Development of specific qualifications for powered roof supports and closed die forging’

Grant Project EDUCA III – ‘Development of specific qualifications for the manufacturing of unique deep-mining equipment and specific material components for scientific institutions’

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