Chain Conveyers

Longwall Face Chain Conveyors (or Armored Face Conveyors) are designed for smooth, transport of coal in high-volume coalfaces where shearers and powered roof supports are used.

Beam stage loader systems used together with a crusher, belt receiving section (commonly called a Boot End) and advancing equipment are designed for smooth, transport of coal from high-volume coalfaces to the conveyor belt system.

Chain conveyors made by Ostroj a.s. are designed as modular systems (enabling fast and easy assembly) and are manufactured according to the exact requirements of our customers. The basic components of Armored Face Conveyors/chain conveyors are:

  • capacity up to 3,500 tons per hour
  • discharge end – X-frame drive or end loading unit complete with drive modules at each end, (up to 3 units can be installed on each installation) equipped with explosion-proof electric motors
  • overall power input up to 3 x 855 kW
  • chain tensioning unit on the Tailgate end
  • Adaptor pans to drives and special re-routing pans
  • Line and inspection pans
  • Chain size of the conveyor chain of up to 42 mm
  • rolled or cast E-shaped steel section
  • width of conveyor up to 1,300 mm

Further Information:

The drive stations are designed as simple modular units (to allow easy dismantling and assembly) with a structural frame and chain drive sprocket to which drive modules comprised of gearbox, fluid coupling and motors are attached.  These motors can be one-speed, two-speed, or using   frequency converter units (VFD drives)...

The lengths of the individual pans are 0.5 m, 0.75 m, 1.5 m and 1.75 m depending on the face configuration.

The chains used are link chains produced up to a size of 42x146 mm. The flight bars are attached to the chain by directly with braces which form part of the flight bars.

When operating the conveyors in inclined seams, it is necessary to use a suitable system of anchorage, depending on the dip angle of the seam (usually over 35 degrees).

Beam Stage Loaders (or Collecting Conveyors):

Collecting conveyors (usually called BSLs in high capacity longwall operations) are designed to convey and the crush the coal and deliver it onto the outbye belt conveyor, continuously.

The components of the BSL are:

  • Tensionable Drive Unit
  • Adaptor Pan
  • Convex Pan
  • Slope module
  • Concave pan
  • Crusher
  • Mini-pans
  • Adaptor pan
  • Return end (part of the Maingate drive frame)
  • Conveying chain and flights (similar to AFC chain)

The BSL can be fully enclosed to minimize the dust in and around the longwall face and can have a dust extraction unit installed on the discharge end and or on the crusher.


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