Belt Conveyers

Our belt conveyors are designed for the transport of bulk materials. They conform to the requirements for use in gassy coal mines and are therefore fire resistant and anti-static.

  • Belt width: 0.8 m to 1.6 m
  • Capacity of conveyor: up to 6,000 tons per hour
  • Power output of electric motors: up to 4 x 500 kW
  • Speed: 1.25 to 5.0 m/s
  • Surface of driving drums: without lining, rubbered, with ceramic lining
  • Braking: Electric or electro-pneumatic brake control

The belt conveyors are designed with Loop Take Up (LTU) which ensure an automatic system of tensioning the conveyor using a hydraulic winch.

Longwall LTUs can be designed for a capacity of over 200m to allow the longwall to produce without delay for over one week.

For more about the basic components of belt conveyors

Equipment for transporting people

This equipment enables transportation of people on the top and bottom strands of the belt conveyor. The belt for personnel transport (which can be the main coal belt) consists of platforms to allow persons to safely get on or off the belt, a remote controlled run-over prevention system and a stop/start system.

Switching between the two modes (transport of people / transport of material) is a simple operation and there is an option of using software to set a time limit for the transportation of people. When the time limit for the people mode expires, the belt conveyor automatically switches into the material mode.

Conveyor Train PVL2

This conveyor train is a special device designed for two-way transport of persons with changeable seam angle up to 25 degrees. The train is towed by a continuous cable with a maximum number of passengers of 20.

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